Anxiety: pesky little bugger. It gets in our way, slows us down, chokes us up, holds us back, causes us to freeze, to stiffen, to break, and to fall flat. Many of us find that we live a life where our anxiety runs the show. We fall into a pattern where we strive to cut our exposure - or the potential exposure - to anxiety. As such, we hold ourselves back, stick to safety, find refuge in familiarity, seek comfort. This method fails for two reasons. 1) there will be circumstances that we can’t get out of that will trigger our anxiety. 2) we stop ourselves from attaining a more fulfilling life by trying to avoid disturbance.

Introducing, Improv for Anxiety. A unique program that integrates the fundamentals of improv and group therapy. 

This program is designed to help people who experience mild to moderate social anxiety and/or fear of public speaking manage their symptoms and increase individual well-being in social, work/school, and family settings.  

The goal of this program is to create a supportive and interactive group. Group members learn and explore the skills and tools of improv to help manage anxiety. They will practice finding comfort in the discomfort of everyday life.  

Improv for Anxiety is a 6-week course that meets once a week for 2 hours.  Each session includes improv exercises and group therapy to process their experiences.  Each week will focus on a specific skill of improvisation. Including, listening, accepting, committing, and the concept of "yes, and". 

Members will have a unique opportunity to

  • Practice skills at their own pace with support from the group

  • Complete homework exercises each week to bring what they are learning into the real world.  Then talk through their experience the following week.

  • Work through discomfort, develop new habits, and see life take shape.

How do I know if improv for anxiety is right for me?

If you answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, Improv for Anxiety might be a good fit for you.

  1. Do you find yourself almost going to parties and then deciding to stay home because the idea of social gatherings makes you nervous and uncomfortable?

  2. Are you afraid to speak up in class or in meetings?

  3. Are you afraid of looking stupid? 

  4. Are you scared of making small talk?  Do you fear you have nothing to say or that no one will want to hear what you have to say?

  5. Does being the center of attention make you feel nervous and embarrassed?

  6. Do you have a hard time speaking up because you are concerned about what other people think about you?  Are you scared of being judged?

The course is led by Alissa Ahlberg, an improv coach with experience in mental health treatment, and Trevor Brown, a licensed clinician with experience in improv training.  Alissa and Trevor have worked together for over 5 years. They are passionate about their program and their ability to effect change in their clients' lives.  Their mission is to create a supportive group ensemble that allows all individuals to explore, understand, and engage with their anxiety to increase their overall well-being and daily functioning.  Through their work, they have discovered that exploring improv through a therapeutic lens allows for individuals to engage with their anxiety and develop a deep awareness of how to work with their anxiety that leads to an overall increase in well-being. 


Improv for Mental Health Professionals

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Build Conversations - Engage With Your Clients - Discover Change

Learn improvisational techniques for individual and group therapy. Helping therapists become more collaborativepresentcharismatic, and impactful